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Insomnia is characterized by an inability to initiate or maintain sleep. It may also take the form of early morning awakening in which the individual awakens several hours early and is unable to resume sleeping. Difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep may often manifest itself as excessive daytime sleepiness, which characteristically results in functional impairment throughout the day. Before arriving at a diagnosis of primary insomnia, other potential causes, such as other sleep disorders, side effects of medications, substance abuse, depression, or other previously undetected illness need to be rule out. Chronic insomnia may result from a stressor combined with fear of being unable to sleep. Individuals with this condition may sleep better when not in their own beds. Treatment of this condition requires comprehensive evaluation and treatment of underlying conditions, Adherence to good sleep hygiene, stimulus control, behavioral modification and combination of use of sedative, hypnotic or antidepressant medications.

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